:gornyslonsk: Niy ma to jak wejzdrzeć na zdanie, pōmyśleć sie, co za gupek to pisoł, a potym sie skapnōńć, że to sie samymu pisało.

🇬🇧 Nothing better than looking at a sentence, wondering what an idiot wrote it, only to realise it was me.

„Minęło pięć lat. Dyletanci mieli tyle zapału co wiedzy, więc dziś już mało kto próbuje przekładać interfejs Facebooka. Prorocy, jak to zawsze bywa z napuszonymi wariatami, stracili się równie szybko.”

@victoria We'd need looser clothes. Since we had them 15 years ago and fashion always comes back, I'd say we just need to wait.

I really expected this place to be better than all the other dumb social media, and yet the federated timeline is full of twats who base their opinions on other's judgements on article headers. God help us.

Testuja ymotikōny na Ajnfarcie.
Testuja herby :orelherb: :slonskiorel:
Testuja fany :gornyslonsk: :fanaslonsk:
Testuja landy :gsmapa: :silesia:

Hey, @fedilab thanks for making your app available in ! We will list it in our Silesian software catalog at silling.org/programy/

It would be great to see @Mastodon there too! :gornyslonsk:

Thanks for the answer. It might have a lot to do with the topic it translated, and not the quality of the translator itself, though. I know Catalans have been working really hard on Catalan-English and Catalan-Spanish pairs.


Try Batflat, a light CMS that is file-based and uses no database.

You might want to have a look Hugo too, but I don't know much of it besides seeing it as a website base of some privacy oriented people.

A new contributor/translator asked us, this morning, to add #Silesian language to #Fedilab project on Crowdin.
Answer : Done ✅


@spla I'm paging you since you're the admin of the Catalan instance. I stumbled upon this (github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/) suggestion of integrating a machine translation service into Mastodon and I thought of Apertium because it can actually just run alongside Mastodon, so it would not defy the idea of federation, I believe. Could you confirm that the machine translation I used in my comment is of acceptable quality?

cc: @Gargron

@lordalveric Actually tests don't matter here. The quarantine is obligatory for everyone entering the country with several exceptions that mostly have to do with work or duty.

@kaniini @mia It's like the original iPhone. Half of it does not work but you want to use it because it's cute. 🤔

@mia @kaniini Kmail is complete rubbish and yet it's incredibly elegant. I hate the fact that I can't stop using it.


@pluralistic And I got a response from an American. The world will be American or there will be no world, apparently.

@pluralistic Shouldn't you be posting it on an American server? What does „the taxpayer” mean? The French don't pay for your police. You need to realize that „USA” does not mean „world”.


Ślōnski, lokalny serwer Mastodona.